Garden Mulch & Potting Mix

ActivGrow Soil Improver   

30ltr bag $10.00 ea

This product is great at improving your tired old soil in your garden, also loaded with all the good stuff, including chicken manure plus more.

Eco Potting Mix  

25 ltr bag @ 6.50 ea

Less expensive potting mix that includes a slow release fertiliser.

red cypress 50L.jpg

Red Cypress Mulch 

50lt bag $15.50 ea

Brightens up any garden bed, smell's great and the great feature of this product is, termite's and black ants hate it.

Covers up to 1m2 spread at 50mm thick

Special 4 bags for $50

Tea Tree.jpg

Tea Tree Mulch

50 lt bag $12.80 ea

Great for pot plant's, gardens and deters termites.

Covers up to 1m2 spread at 50mm thick


ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets

15kg bag $28.50 ea

Improves soil Health

A blend of Poultry manure, Natural Gypsum, Suphate of Potash, fish meal, meat meal,Zeolite and sea weed.

Special 4 Bag for $90

prem potting mix.jpg

Premium Potting Mix

30lt bag $12.50 ea

This Premium mix has a unique blend of the following:

Coir fibre, slow release fertiliser's, zeolite, fish & seaweed extract, gypsum, lime, iron, natural rock trace elements and a natural wetting agent.

Sugar Cane Hay
$12.00 each bale

Limited stock
New - Rocky Point Sugar Cane Bags - Standard
$14.00 each bag

Cover upto 20m2

Limited Stock

New - Cow Manure Plus 30Ltr bag

$12.00 each

It's been tired and tested by professional nursery growers.

An organic nutrient boost to enhance & sustain plant growth.

* Improves Soil Structure & Nutrition

* Conserves water

* Increases Microbial

* Great for Vegetables Gardens

* Sustainably Produced

Wood Chip Bulk

1 Scoop  $30

2 Scoops $45

3 Scoops $55

Cypress Fine Mulch - New 

1 Scoop  $45

2 Scoops $65

3 Scoops $85

New - Rocky Point Sugar Cane Bag - Jumbo
$15.00 each bag

Cover upto 24m2

Sold out

Cow Manure Bulk

1 Scoop   $20

2 Scoops $30

3 Scoops $40